Franchise Film : X MEN Costumes Been Betrayed?

Franchise : While it’s impossible to adapt a comic book series for the screen with 100% accuracy, for any given world, there are usually certain core elements that most fans like to see carried over. And in the case of X-Men, YouTuber kaptainkristian makes the claim that one of those core elements is costume design and coloring; a core element which, according to him, was completely fumbled by the film franchise. In his latest video — which is only his third, but all his videos so far have obviously been extremely well researched and crafted — kaptainkristian makes the case for why color and colorful costumes in particular are so vital to the X-Men story, and why the films have committed such a serious error by using, for the most part, all-black gear. He points out that the X-Men comics, since their inception, have always had colorful costumes, which served not only as uniforms, but also as symbols “of the unification of the group… a representation of individuality.” He also makes the argument

Source: Have X-MEN Costumes Been Betrayed By the Film Franchise?